Your multi-platform project !

Distribute your application on all platforms.

Use the additivity games to market your product.

Think about this

In the field of communication and marketing, it is unimaginable to miss different platforms. You most likely use social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Google+ to market your product. But is it enough? Now, other channels of communication exist and they are not to be ignored.

Your project must present on all platforms! By creating an application or game, your product will be known by different markets : Google Play, AppStore, Facebook, Windows 8 Store, Firefox MarketPlace, Tizen Market, Chrome Store, Amazon, Nokia Store et Intel AppUp

Create a game, why ?

Even if your product does not have any link with the world of video games, this is not an excuse to forget the possibility of creating a video game. Why ?

Here are some statistics (according to the study in 2013 by Spilgames)

  • The total number of people around the globe who play games is expected to surpass 1.2 billion1 by the end of 2013.
  • Of the global internet population, 44% plays online games.
  • The US mobile gaming audience alone has continued a steady double-digit growth since 2011 and will reach 162.4 million people by 2015. To put that in perspective, that’s 50.5% of the US population that will actively play games on mobile devices.
  • Across the Spil Games platforms we are seeing average session times of around 30–40 minutes, with some regions even as high as 50 minutes. Compare this with the average news site, where around 80% of visitors are on-site for less than five minutes. In fact, gaming is also outperforming key social media sites such as YouTube, which claims an average visit time of around 15-16 minutes

So why deprive create a game to promote your product?

Our goal : to create your project!

The purpose is clear, we create your project from A to Z :

  • Project Management
  • Technical design
  • Graphic Design
  • Server management
  • Distribution on different platforms
How it works ?

Our products

RPG Creator (

RPG Creator is a web application for creating RPGs without programming knowledge and export on different platforms

CanvasEngine (

CanvasEngine is an OpenSource library for creating 2D games in HTML5 and Javascript


RPGJS is an OpenSource library to create 2D role-playing games in HTML5


Samuel Ronce, Manager WebCreative5, is author of two French books on the video game creation. Web presence for 8 years, I follow the evolution of the Web and working with partners to implement innovative projects.